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Born in highly a educated Telugu family. Mother Late Smt. Durga Kumari M.A (Maths), M.A (Litt), M.Ed retired as Principal, Govt. Junior College and Father Late Sri. Pisipati Suryanarayana Murthy M.A (Litt), B.L was an advocate by profession. She is the 4th out of 5 children. She studied in different places wherever her mother got transfer. As anscetral property she got her mother’s Degrees M.Sc (Maths), M.A (Litt), M.Ed and fathers B.L degree. Not only that but as per her interests she pursued M.A (Astrology), PG Dip (Engg. Vaastu), PG Dip(Jyothir Vaidyam) and got University 1st rank in all the courses and “Kilambi Krishnama chary Gold Medal” in Jyothir Vaidyam .

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“Jyotisham Suryadi Grahanam Bhodakam Sastram”. The meaning of the word “Jyotisha” or “Astrology” is the study of illuminated objects like Sun and other planets. Astrology got divided into 2 parts namely “Theoretical” and “Predictive” aspects. Astrology is as old as vedas themselves. Astrology is a heritage of all of us, which stood the test of time. Astrology had managed to survive through generations. There are various methods of Astrology. Instead of forecasting the weather conditions, Astrological predictive system indicates such and such things are highly probable to happen to the people.

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Numerologists following the Pythagorean theory use a letter chart to assign numerical values to your name. They use the basic numbers 1 through 9 that are almost universally accepted in Numerology circles and the Master numbers 11 and 22. Each letter in the English alphabet has a numeric value that is surrounded by certain energies. Total of the numbers in your birth date and the total of the value Read More


“Vaastu Shastra” is essentially the act of correct settings whereby one can place himself in such a manner so as to absorb the maximum benefits of the Panchbhootas or the five elements as well as the influence of magnetic field surrounding the earth. Vaastu is an inherent energy concept of science. We cannot see energy with our naked eyes but we can realize and see its application in different forms and fashions. Read More..



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